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Video Courses

Like what you read in my blog? Heard me speak at an event and want more? Then my online courses are for you! Each course consists of one or more modules, where I take you through my own experience in a given topic as well as the tools I used to navigate it. You have access to the courses forever, and I will release new content each year!

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Leadership Through Inner Strength

Cohort 2 Opening in Early 2025

Leadership Through Inner Strength will help you develop a deep awareness of the inner world of your thoughts, feelings and self-perceptions that may be unwittingly holding you back in your career. The program also includes real-world strategies and techniques for shifting this mindset, as well as practical tools for using this new mindset in the office. Leadership Through Inner Strength will help you get in touch with the inner strength that we all possess, use it to build authentic confidence, and then take that strength and confidence into the workplace as a powerful female leader. This isn’t your typical leadership program–get ready for some deep introspection, reflection, and soul searching that will supercharge your career!

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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

I used to think that my feeling of impostor syndrome was unique to my background. Because I grew up working class, born and raised in Appalachia, state university educated and a first generation college graduate, I assumed that this feeling was yet another example of the fact that there was “something wrong with me”. After decades of working in STEM, however, with whom I would consider to be some of the most brilliant and over-achieving individuals I’ve ever met, I’ve found that EVERYONE experiences some form of impostor syndrome. Join me in this single module course where I talk all about my own experience with impostor syndrome and how I navigated it. I'll also share with you the tools I used to finally overcome it!

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