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Video Courses

Like what you read in my blog? Heard me speak at an event and want more? Then my online courses are for you! Each course will consist of multiple modules where I take you through my own process of discovery and the tools I used at each step of the way. You have access to the courses forever, and I will release new modules each year!

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Leadership Through Inner Strength

Leadership is about so much more than our careers; it’s a metaphor for the empowerment of women and the way we show up in the world. Leadership Through Inner Strength will help you get in touch with the inner strength that we all possess, use it to build authentic confidence, and then take that strength and confidence into the workplace as a powerful female leader. This isn’t your typical leadership course–get ready for some deep introspection, reflection, and soul searching that will supercharge your career!

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Showing up without Burning Out

Burnout is insidious. It can hit you like a ton of bricks, and when it does, it leaves you feeling hopeless, cynical and resentful. In this course, I will help you identify the signs of burnout, provide guidance on what you can do to reset, and help you develop healthy habits that will arm you with the tools you need to make a lasting impact at work while not sacrificing your well being.

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Pushing Yourself with Love

Pushing yourself through uncomfortable situations is a necessary part of growth. As any athlete will tell you, you can't get to that next PR without experiencing a period of discomfort first! BUT, there is a big difference between pushing yourself as a punishment versus pushing yourself out of love. In this course, I will explain a healthy way of pushing yourself that will truly test your limits in order to reach your highest potential, all while coming from a place of deep self-love. 

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