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Chealsea and NYC skyline

Chealsea W.

Confident, Healthy Leadership for Women

Chealsea, a product leader at Google, is dedicated to empowering women in their careers by helping them to address the underlying limiting beliefs that hinder their progress. She shares her personal insights and the strategies she employed to navigate her own journey as a successful female leader in the technology industry. Chealsea aims to equip other women with the tools and confidence necessary to become strong and capable leaders in all aspects of their lives.

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My Story

As the daughter of a coal miner, a West Virginia native and the first in my family to graduate from college, I grew up, unbeknownst to me, with the inherent belief that certain things were not available to me. When I entered the workforce, I was not fully aware of the ways in which my working class upbringing  was impacting how I related to myself, how I related to my co-workers, and what I thought was possible for me.


As I advanced in my career, I experienced a tremendous amount of stress, self-doubt, and anxiety, and was unaware of the source for a long time. Instead of fleeing these situations, however, I chose to embrace feeling uncomfortable to explore and examine myself with the hope of gaining insight and discovering the root cause.


Eventually, I realized that I had deep internal limiting beliefs that were the result of internalized messages related to my class and gender. I began developing a series of strategies and tools that not only helped me to change habits, but also my mindset. I continued refining my process over the next decade into a set of strategies that opened up a positive pathway to becoming the confident, healthy leader that I am today. 


Through my public speaking, writing, and online courses, I am dedicated to sharing these strategies with women all over the world with the hope that I can create a more positive and equitable workplace, where leadership by women is the norm and not the exception. 

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