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Speaking Topics

  • Navigating a Career as a Woman in Tech (and feeling good while doing it!)

  • Navigating a World of Privilege through a Working Class Lens

  • Getting Ahead Without Burning Out: how to feel ok about setting boundaries at work

  • How to Network When You Don’t Feel Like You Belong

  • Transcending Smallness: how to have a bigger presence in a world that rewards female smallness

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"Chealsea captivated the audience with her remarkable journey. She exuded warmth and approachability and created an inclusive atmosphere that made the session incredibly valuable."
Nils A. Breitmar
Columbia University 
Head of Growth at Hornet Networks
Chealsea's story of navigating a world of privilege through a working-class lens hit home at West Virginia University.  Many WVU students are incredibly bright, first-generation college students who are just beginning to understand and navigate worlds of privilege. Chealsea shined a bright light on some common threads of this experience. Through her honest and powerful insights, she offered a proper tool kit that serves to inspire and guide anyone who wants to burst out of their comfort zone and reach for the stars with authenticity, confidence, and joy.
Dr. Sharon Ryan
West Virginia University 
Philosophy Department Chairperson
"Chealsea graced the stage as one of our distinguished speakers at Columbia University, offering invaluable insights into the life of a Product Manager. Her wealth of experience and genuine understanding of the profession captivated me, especially as a woman venturing into engineering."
Shiksha Sabharwal
Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
I am so impressed with Chealsea and her inspirational journey through life. Professional in her approach, she is enormously gracious as she motivates the audience with her progression from first generation college graduate to successful career woman. We need more stories by and about women who appreciate what their upbringings taught them about grit, perseverance, and most importantly--acceptance!
Lisa DeFrank-Cole
West Virginia University, Professor of Leadership
Coauthor of Women and Leadership: Journey Towards Equity
"Chealsea is a natural leader with a great passion for her work! The story of her unique career journey is incredibly inspiring to me, especially as a woman in the tech industry."
Ariana Palombo
Partner Operations Manager, Google
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and providing real strategies for overcoming the challenges we will inevitably face in the workplace. Your talk was so inspiring, especially for women like me who are just starting their careers and want to build a strong personal brand!
Jenna Mulett
UX Designer, Cigna Technology Development Program
Chealsea’s talk at the Grace Hopper Celebration was a testament to her unwavering commitment to uplifting women on their professional journeys, and provided a clear guide for thriving in a world historically dominated by men. Chealsea fosters an environment of empowerment that will uplift and inspire a new generation of women in tech.
Katharina Familia Almonte
Senior Product Manager, Google
Chealsea in the lobby

About Me

Chealsea, a product leader at Google, is dedicated to empowering women in their careers by addressing the underlying limiting beliefs that hinder their progress. She shares her personal insights and the strategies she employed to navigate her own journey as a successful female leader in the technology industry. Chealsea aims to equip other women with the tools and confidence necessary to become strong and capable leaders in all aspects of their lives.

See my official bio here.

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